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Welcome to Northwestern Private Practice, the home of some of the best doctors in the Chicago, Illinois area! We are independent physicians in private practice at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and affiliated Northwestern Medicine facilities. We are dedicated to providing top quality medical care to all of our patients.

Those physicians in the downtown campus, like all other Northwestern downtown physicians, have faculty appointments with the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. Many of our physicians are active in medical research and are prominent figures in medical academics. Most of us actively teach in medical school.

As independent providers, we are able to give our patients appointments in a timely fashion. Many times, this is within a week of request. If another physician is referring you, it may even be the same day. We are able to spend appropriate quality time with all of our patients. We are a cohesive group of physicians who truly enjoy caring for our patients and are always striving to be better, to help make you better.

Northwestern Private Practice is now expanding to include other affiliated Northwestern facilities. In this way, we are able to extend the quality of care offered by private physicians in the Chicago area, outside of the downtown facility. While physicians outside of the downtown facility may not have academic teaching appointments, they undergo the same scrutiny and offer the highest quality of care in a private setting. We all strive to give the best care in an environment that allows us to take the appropriate time with all of our patients. We look forward to serving you in all of our campuses.

If you are interested in quality care from the best doctors in Chicago, contact Northwestern Private Practice today!

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